CORE Commercial is a best-in-class commercial real estate firm specializing in tenant representation.

Traditional real estate firms work in the service of landlords; the bulk of their revenue comes from selling, listing, and managing the properties of institutional landlords. We spent many years working in large international commercial real estate firms and understand how they work… and who they work for.

We recognized the challenge of a broker representing a tenant in a full-service firm. How do you aggressively negotiate the best possible terms for tenants when the firms’ largest clients – the landlords – are pushing back? 

CORE Commercial was built on these guiding principals:

Do the right thing. Always.

Our goal is to build long term professional and personal relationships based on trust and respect. That only happens when we can ask ourselves …is this the best thing to do for my client, for the company, for my family, and for the community?”

Be Bold. Be Creative.

We aren’t afraid of tough real estate problems and we encourage thinking outside of the box to solve them. Because we work as a fully integrated team, we can collaborate and bounce ideas off each other to ensure every possible solution is explored.


Learn. Grow. Share.

We encourage each other to continually improve, both personally and professionally and to keep an open mind.   Taking time to read, research and share new ideas keeps our company exciting and current.   

Deliver what we Promise.

We aim for unprecedented service, attention to detail, and honest, excellent work that we are willing to be held accountable for.





In almost all cases the landlord pays the commercial real estate brokerage fees. The fees are built into the building’s annual budget and the fee is paid whether you have representation. In the absence of a tenant representative, the landlord’s professionals (the listing agent, property manager, asset manager etc.) will usually be paid the entire fee.






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