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All systems go for privately-owned Plus-15 bridge
Thursday, 29 March 2018

Located along 9th Avenue S.W., it will connect the two imposing towers of 11 and 20 storeys that hold 635,000 square feet of office space

Construction has begun on what will be Calgary’s longest, privately owned Plus-15 walkway, without crossing a city street.

Located along 9th Avenue S.W., it will connect the two imposing towers of 11 and 20 storeys that hold 635,000 square feet of office space plus main floor retail, commonly known as Penn West Plaza, with Gulf Canada Square.

It is using the original design by Abugov Kaspar Architects that sweeps in a graceful curve to take pedestrians into the food court area of Gulf Canada Square and on into Bankers Hall and the maze of Plus 15 downtown connectors.

Construction of the new walkway by EllisDon with Concept Consulting acting as project manager is most welcome as a sign of downtown confidence by Morguard. It has taken some time, since Abugov Kaspar created the design before Morguard purchased the towers, and then it had to enter into negotiations with the city for development and building permits, with Gulf Canada Square for the link-up, Calgary Parking Authority to cross the circular ramp from 9th Avenue, and CP Rail that has a street-level vehicle entrance to its railway shed.

The new bridge is a major undertaking by Morguard, a fully integrated real estate company that owns, manages and invests in high-quality, well-located, geographically diversified projects across North America.

Currently, its total assets owned and under management are valued at $21.2 billion, and the company has a significant presence in this city.  Its 34 office, industrial and retail buildings in the Calgary area total for than three million square feet, plus residential rental complexes with a combined total of 600 units.

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David Parker, is a veteran writer with the Calgary Herald

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