Senaltek Engineering Group Ltd.

Senaltek Engineering Group Ltd. worked with CORE Commercial Real Estate at the beginning of 2018 to find new office space.

Our requirements were to find great office space quickly with flexible lease terms and the ability to expand within the same building at a point in the future.

Before finding CORE, I was given many options for available office space through another leasing firm. Unfortunately, most of the options did not match my requirements, including size and budget. As a result, and because time was of the essence, my network recommended CORE Commercial Real Estate and Gary McKelvie to assist finding office space.

My requirements were very specific. I needed a location close to a sister-company, in a ‘good’ building and with room to increase my footprint within the foreseeable future. It didn’t make any sense to immediately take on more space than what was required. No sense in incurring these costs until absolutely necessary! However, it was critical to have the option to gain more space as our company grows.

Sounds almost trite, however, Gary acted quickly. He gathered my requirements and in short order, provided a list of acceptable options to view. Gary’s knowledge of the buildings, the occupancy rates and the building owners helped to secure good office space in short order.

I would like to thank Gary McKelvie and CORE Commercial Real Estate for making the process less stressful. The office space works for our needs and we can get on with building the business. I will continue to reach out to Gary for any questions for my existing office space, as well as lean on him as our business expands.

Mike Piper, President, Senaltek Engineering Group Ltd.

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